We translate neuroscience from basic anatomy to appropriate therapy

Who we are

The Department of Anatomy & Neurosciences at the VU University medical center (VUmc), Amsterdam, Netherlands, as it is positioned at the cuttinge edge of society and science, offers a multidisciplinary environment for research and (post)academic education.

With internationally acclaimed research programs, the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders is broadly investigated, in a translational fashion. Innovative fundamental neuroscientific research is translated to the clinical setting, where the patient can directly benefit from the latest insights of neuroscience. Vice versa, observations from patient studies are used to endophenotype disease and to further stimulate the fundamental search for new treatment targets.

The dynamic interplay between research and education places the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience in a central position within VU University Medical Center and the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, and –importantly- makes it a highly enjoyable and stimulating work place.