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Senior teaching qualifications


In 2015, two of our faculty members, Michael van Emden and Tommy Pattij, have worked hard to successfully obtain a Senior Teaching Qualification. Besides teaching students, faculty members holding this qualification also oversee the teaching of academic programmes.

Text by Floor Buma

To obtain the qualification, Michael has worked on revising the practical’s Human Anatomy for medical students and he shifted the focus from passive to active forms of learning human anatomy. In the new anatomy teaching programme, rather than passively following the guidelines of the anatomy practical’s (1 lecturer – 12 students), now students have to work independently in small teams on assignments during the practical’s. Lecturers will be available, but primarily to provide feedback and guidance. As such, the goal is to increase student independency and deep learning strategies for human anatomy.

During the programme Tommy Pattij has created a blueprint to introduce the bachelor thesis in the bachelor programme for medical students. Scientific research is essential for medical breakthroughs and getting students enthusiastic for science during their bachelor programme will help students to become better doctors later on in their careers is Tommy’s view.

While the Senior Teaching Qualification programme was very labour-intensive, it has also been a very inspiring time to interact and collaborate with colleagues from different faculties across the VU University campus. Highly recommended!