Taco de Vries

Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience & Section Head Behavioural and Translational Neuroscience

Taco de Vries

Research section: Behavioural and Translational Neuroscience
Office: O2 13E05

My research is concerned with the neurobiological mechanisms underlying alcohol and drug addiction, with a particular focus on behavioural processes related to memory, motivation and reward. Using rodent models of drug self-administration, we try to mimic defining characteristics of human addiction and investigate how addictive behaviour is affected by pharmacological interventions, DBS, adolescent drug exposure, drug-related (inhibitory) memories and behavioural economic principles. In collaboration with Tommy Pattij, the role of inhibitory control and impulsive decision making as risk factors in drug- and alcohol-seeking is studied. As a strategic professor at the CNCR (0.2 fte) and in collaboration with my CNCR colleagues we have begun to define the molecular and cellular basis of an enhanced vulnerability to addictive behaviour. This has resulted in the identification of several (synaptic) proteins and genes that are causally related to initiation and persistence of addictive behaviour and that are possible entry-points for future treatments of addiction and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Main research interests

Behavioral neuroscience, psychopharmacology, addiction, animal behaviour, nicotine, alcohol.