Senior teaching qualifications


In 2015, two of our faculty members, Michael van Emden and Tommy Pattij, have worked hard to successfully obtain a Senior Teaching Qualification. Besides teaching students, faculty members holding this qualification also oversee the teaching of academic programmes.

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Decision making in a medical research ethics committee

“Decisions, decisions, a kingdom for a fair, properly balanced and consistent decision in medical experimentation with humans”, paraphrasing a famous statement this sums up the primary task of the Medical Research Ethics Committees (MREC; in Dutch: METc) operating in the western world, including the Netherlands. Sounds clear enough, doesn’t it, but is that really so or is the job set for MREC’s not as unequivocal as it appears and therefore open for multiple interpretations and ways of reaching decisions?

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The OCD Amsterdam- Bergen-Worldwide Express

Since 2000 we have a strong brain imaging research line on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in Amsterdam. Initiated by the department of Psychiatry, but always in strong collaboration with the department of Anatomy and Neurosciences, the brain imaging expertise on OCD at VUmc is an excellent basis for a leading position in the international OCD field.

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