Research Sections

Multiscale Network Neuroscience (MULTINET)

Our vision is to improve glioma patient outcomes by understanding and manipulating personalized multiscale network data.

We leverage expertise on network neuroscience, neuro-oncology, clinical neuropsychology, medical sciences and topological data analysis to investigate people with brain disease on multiple scales, from single cells to whole-brain networks to cognition. Projects we are involved in include (1) the BrainLayer project, where we investigate the multimodal, multilayer network correlates and predictors of cognitive deterioration in glioma patients; (2) the GOALS2 project, which investigates whether non-invasively measured pathologically high brain activity precedes accelerated tumor growth; (3) the GRIP trials, which aim to alleviate common symptoms of glioma patients.


Team members:

Linda Douw

Fernando Santos

Jantine Röttgering

Lucas Breedt

Vera Belgers

Maxine Gorter

Mona Zimmermann

Eduarda Centeno



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