Open Science Working Group

Researching and promoting open science and education.

We are the Open Science Working Group (OSWG), founded in late 2021 to increase
awareness and use of open science (OS) practices within our department by providing knowledge, resources, and learning opportunities. The working group comprises members from each
of the department’s subsections– researchers, educators, students, and technicians.

In the long term, we feel that working according to open science practices will lead to more transparency, as well as novel research questions and more translational research. It will also facilitate and increase the re-use of data, thereby decreasing unneccesary data collection, and will help improve the visibility of our research at A&N to a broader public.

meet the team

Eduarda Centeno

Niels Reijner

Thecla van Wageningen

Lucas Breedt

Nazda Dzinalija

Allison McDonald

Mona Zimmermann

Dustin Schetters

Alexander Bijnsdorp

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